Mastering moderation

Master moderation:

Successful leadership in real and virtual space

“Would you please moderate our team workshop?”

Depending on how much you like facilitating small or large groups, work with well-known or unknown people, departments or teams, this places certain demands on your personal organization, structure and moderation style.

When moderating virtual events you should pay attention to a few important shallows. It is just like moderating in “real environments“.

Uncertainty in management or process, organizational errors, technical problems or insufficient adaptation of work-flows to the new medium can lead to problems. The online event might not reach the goal it was supposed to reach or participants feel that it was not well prepared.

Mastering moderation

If you would like to improve your facilitation skills, contact our experts, who will be happy to pass on their knowledge to you. Learn more about suitable structures, lively content, leadership skills, attention spans and activation possibilities.

Take advantage of our extensive experience and expertise in the areas of communication and moderation – also of large groups – and in real and virtual space.
Your personal workshop will improve your moderation skills. And you will be amazed at what you can pay attention to!

  • Quick Starter: 2 days +/- For individuals or for groups (max. 7 participants)

  • Individual preparation, targeted knowledge transfer and support