Mastering presentations

Mastering presentations:

Safe navigation in real and virtual space

Perhaps you are familiar with this situation: You are supposed to present the results of a workshop or meeting in front of a larger group? Depending on how much you like presentations in front of an audience, the nervousness increases to a greater or lesser extent.

Appearing in front of an audience can increase the pressure just as much as virtual presentations.

But you can do a lot yourself to ensure that your personal appearance is successful and convincing.
In real and in virtual space.

Above all, it is important that the set-up – the format – suits the event. A clear structure, a target group oriented communication style and an active involvement of all participants lead to a lively and activating presentation.

This is exactly what we work on together with you in your personal workshop.

  • Get to know yourself better in your role, learn about useful work-hacks and routines for a target group-oriented and appealing presentation – in virtual and real space.
  • Learn how you can actively apply useful know-how from e.g. communication psychology, group dynamics etc. for more sovereignty and charisma.
  • Find out how you can increase and maintain attention and how to confidently react in difficult situations.
  • If you wish, we can create a 20-minute video analysis with detailed trainer feedback.
  • Quick Starter: 2 days +/- For individuals or for groups (max. 7 participants)

  • Individual pre