Job Interview Training

Mastering job interviews safely:

Be well prepared for your next interview

Would you like to prepare specifically for your job interviews, present your personality and your service portfolio in the best possible way? It may have been a while since the last interviews, or they didn’t go as well as planned?

Then simply make use of our expert knowledge.

You will be amazed to see where to find potential for improvement and how to integrate it into your personal communicational style.

We will show you how to present your personality and your portfolio in the best possible way. The focus lies on your effective self-portrayal and confident conduct of the conversation, which allows you to react flexibly to the requirements of the interviewee.

Receive knowledge and tools for a successful appearance in any job interview – even in difficult situations, with several interview partners or online.

Our training courses are carried out by executives with many years of practical experience and corresponding further training in the areas of leadership and communication in order to ensure a high level of practical relevance and targeted knowledge transfer.

We work with you on your individual appearance and the following main topics:

  • Analysis of present career situation and future goals
  • Reflection on individual leadership personality
  • Analysis of professional portfolio and individual strengths
  • Improvement of self-representation

Gain valuable knowledge and useful insights on subjects such as:

  • Dealing with difficult questions or challenging interview partner