External moderation

Looking for a moderation professional?

We keep the course for you – in real and virtual space

Are you planning an important event? A workshop, a kick-off meeting, a presentation or a town hall meeting? With management, executives, your employees or customers?

Would you like to concentrate fully on your event and are you looking for a well-versed, experienced moderator?

A personality with standing, who advises you professionally, designs the structure with you or for you, who keeps the course in the event, opens up spaces for exchange and reflection and leads the event to success?

Then talk to us.

We take over the professional preparation, moderation and follow-up.

With an experienced eye for successful implementation and an intuitive feeling for those involved.

Depending on the occasion and goal, duration and location, involved managers, departments or teams, respective hierarchical levels, known or unknown people, the requirements for organization, structure, implementation change. This has critical impact on anticipated conclusions and results.

Real and virtual space offer plenty of room for collaboration. Yet, success is a question of foresighted preparation, the anticipation of scenarios and the choice of the appropriate format.

The moderation of virtual events also involves some special shallows with regard to the process, moderation, integration and technology, which we will master together with you:

Just leave the conception and implementation in our hands.

Let our expertise inspire you: We inform you about suitable locations, formats, media, collaboration tools, etc. Enrich your event with lively content, successful and situational moderation, activation, motivation and guidance.

Contact us and let us advise and inspire you.